About Me


Hi and welcome to my very first website! 🙂

So I gather since you are here you might like to learn a little about my story….it’s a long one I tell ya but I will try and surmise it for you. I have travelled to over 70 countries mostly as a solo backpacker, throughout my life and have lived and worked in 5 countries.

Which brings me (and you)to my first website and new career in online business and internet marketing, which not only allows me to work from wherever I want in the world but more importantly how to make an income! Oh and 1 other thing about me that you should know, since I was about 15 I developed a very rare blood illness (so rare that I am very famous in the international blood world, I am featured in several medical textbooks like the British Medical Journal and I have personally met over 200 doctors who are still flummoxed as to what my illness is and why my body attacks itself). It affects any of my blood vessels which causes daily arthritic like pain and inflammation, the locations and severity can change hourly, it also severely affects my skin, and has deformed all my fingers. And if that wasn’t shitty enough ,it has also has almost killed me 3 times with septicemia/blood poisoning, the doctors still don’t know how I am alive!! ….I’m stubborn I guess! 😉

Anyways, I am telling you this not for a pity party but because this is another reason I chose this new career path, I can do it without any real physical effort therefore so can you!

So what I would like to do is share with you all that I have learned in internet marketing so far and pass on my experiences, how to stay away from dodgy people/scammers in this industry, to only recommend products that I know work from honest and reputable developers (including my own soon), to help you in any way I can by providing you with training that I learn from my very experienced and successful mentors (which I had to pay big bucks for!) such as Dean Holland, the founder of Internet Profits , Michael Cheney (the godfather of IM), Erik Holmlund (kickass guru) plus a few others I will keep you updated on….and if you like we can do this IM journey together!

Thanks again for coming on board and stay tuned for regular updates, valuable info and fab products!

Later peeps, Tamara