The Only Way For The Little Guy To Make Money Online

The Only Way Left For The Little Guy To Make Money Online…

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Are You Still Struggling With Your Online Business?

How often have you seen a sales page, a video, or other media with someone touting how making money online is easy? Then when you purchase their ebook, video series, or whatever and follow it to the letter, your results are still nothing… zilch. You even put in much more time then what they say it takes, and still end up with a big fat zero! And it totally sucks!

Here are the recent facts about active online marketers:

76% of them, which is the majority and most likely you, make virtually nothing (0-100 dollars per year).

16% of Internet marketers make less than $100 per month, which now brings us up to 92% of those who “actively” seek a living online.

Just 8% make more than $100 per month, and only 0.8% making a real living reaching into the 6 digit figures (a rare few even reach into the 7 digit figures). Shocking? You better believe it!I like you, no doubt have tried many different avenues such as ecommerce, FB ads, Instagram, you name it I have tried it!!

Only way for the little guy to make money online
Earn your 1st Sales Online
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My Advice For You:

So dear peeps i would like to share with you just a couple of tips of what to do and what not to from my own past experiences-

  1. Develop a system and keep working the system, making improvements and tweaks along the way. When starting out pick 1 system before you start expanding-don’t be an idiot like myself who went crazy with loads of different avenues, products and traffic methods! Far too overwhelming with info overload! So to avoid nervous breakdowns or your laptop going through a window pick 1 system/avenue and maybe 2 traffic methods, combining paid and free traffic.
  2. Educate yourself and know what you are doing in your primary system before you start expanding!!
  3. Be persistent and consistent with what you do and how you invest your time.
  4. Please stop going after the “next shiny bright object” as you know, I am sure like myself you get dozens of daily emails from various marketers how their new software/program/coaching will be the best thing ever, leading you to making millions online in 6.5 days!! Bollocks – Just say no!!!
  5. Follow just one or two experienced Internet marketers as mentors who have proven that they know what they are talking about. Then take action on what they say. And if you are not sure who they are-I will keep you posted who the “good guys” are! (Hint : I am 1 of the ‘good girls’ I hope you will agree, not to mention we need more kick ass chicks in this industry, if you ask me! 😉
  6. And finally do NOT give up!! Taking efficient action is the key, and even with failures comes learning opportunities which will lead you to not make those same mistakes again! You know that old chestnut-learn from your mistakes and trust me there will be some along the way but no biggie because…. You got this!

With all that said, I don’t regret any of my attempts at making money online for a living, because I am finally starting to be profitable at it! Yay!! 🙂

iPro/Internet Profits:

This all really started happening when I made the all important decision (and investment) to be a part of a partnership program called iPro from Dean Holland, which I too am now a partner of.

Even though Dean appears to be just another ordinary guy, he does know how to make BIG money online, has done so since 2008, even though he was once $60 grand in debt! And more importantly he is definitely 1 of the “good guys”! I recently wrote an article with regards to affiliate marketing you might want to check out too.

His team and the 24 hour support and education offered is 2nd to none! Check out my review of just 1 of his training products here.

There are daily updates, private FB group, countless video tutorials about how best to utilize your business, traffic methods, so much more and did I mention that you could earn up to $1000 in commissions per sale!! 

Oh ya that’s right and really all you have to do is send traffic and they do the rest! RESULT!! Get Started Right Here!

The other members in the VIP group are also great to work with! Often times it is one of their insights or shared experiences that have really helped me and that is something that you really don’t find anywhere else!

It’s like being part of 1 big, happy family that work on the principal that sharing value, support and education to our customers/tribe/peeps is always priority #1!

1 big family
1 big family

So if you would like to join us or just learn more about internet marketing, please join us for this free workshop which will teach you how to start making sales in your business by giving stuff away!!

Ignite your business!
Ignite your business!

That’s right! So save your seat now as these are limited and they fill up toot sweet!

Go get yours …I have thrown in a big gift too,( worth $197)  but can be yours FREE today! 

Until next time my dear peeps! 🙂


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